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Transition Program

Randolph Township Schools Adult Skills Post-Secondary Transition Program is designed to address and support transition goals. Students participate in a variety of work readiness and independent living activities which include job sampling, navigating transportation and daily living. The program consists of a partnership between the school, student, family and the community. The anticipated outcome for each student is to gain awareness, experience and better participate in the adult world with an appropriate action plan.

Units of study include self-awareness, teamwork, goal setting, communication, personal finance, daily living, transportation, health and wellness, safety and ethics, applications and employment. Recreational opportunities are also provided as a unified approach where students can participate in social and athletic settings. In these settings, students collaborate with other students with and without special needs which supports the health, physical and emotional wellness of every student.

Walter Curioni

Director of Special Services


Evy Falcon-Duran

Supervisor of Special Services


Brianne McBreen

Special Programs Coordinator


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