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Child Study Team

The Child Study Team is comprised of school psychologists, social workers, learning disability teaching consultants, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. The role of the Child Study Team is to identify students with disabilities, place students in the least restrictive environment and systematically monitor growth. The social and emotional health of the learner is at the core of all planning. Randolph Township Schools is fortunate to have a partnership with Thrive Alliance, formerly Sage, wherein experienced clinicians provide individual, group, and family supports to students in need. Randolph has countless partnerships with private agencies to ensure that our students are supported by experts throughout the state. Evidential examples include the RISE program (partnership with P.G. Chambers), Jammin Jenn (Music Therapy), and The Uncommon Thread (Behavioral Supports).

Learning disabilities/differences, health conditions, emotional and social issues can interfere with academic performance. If you have any concerns about your child's academic performance, emotional state of mind, or if your child is experiencing social difficulties, please feel free to contact your child's Case Manager, Guidance Counselor or another member of your child's school staff. Randolph Township Schools is happy to offer counseling as a related service for ongoing issues, crisis intervention when necessary, and meet with parents in order to provide support, advice and referral for outside professional services if needed.