How is money allocated to various athletic programs? 

The school budget is quite detailed and complex. Running a large, high-quality athletic program is a costly operation. Each program will require different basic needs and will have differing numbers of student-athletes. However, our goal in the athletic department is to ensure equitable financial support to all of our programs. 


What is the role of the Athletic Director? 

The Athletic Director is the lead administrator of the athletic programs. The AD is responsible for all aspects related to the athletic teams including: the coaches, the student-athletes, the facilities, the schedules, transportation, the equipment, and budget. The AD relies on a strong support team of professionals to help ensure a safe, positive, and competitive athletic environment. 


Why are athletic events/practices scheduled during school breaks? 

In order to get a full schedule and have time for tournaments and the state tournaments, games/events must be scheduled over breaks. Often times the weather in the Northeast can force cancellations and postponements. Without the use of all available days, including breaks, it would be difficult to complete a season. 


What is the policy for who makes a team? Do some students not make the team, i.e., get cut? 

Every sport has an optimal number of athletes to build a team. Therefore, try-outs and cuts are necessary for most teams. Our try-outs are designed to be objective and build competitive teams with dedicated and talented student-athletes. Within our athletic department, we recognize that cuts are one of the unfortunate realities of running successful athletic programs. 


Do we have organized teams at schools before High School? 

Randolph does not have middle school sports. However, we have a wonderful relationship with the recreation department which runs many youth sports programs for younger students in Randolph. 


What is the concussion protocol for the school? 

The concussion protocol is a Board of Education policy that is very detailed. Our goal in the athletic department is to make sure that our trainers and coaches are following those protocols. In addition, we attempt to educate the student-athletes and parents on the dangers and warning signs related to serious head injury. We also take great interest in teaching the proper skills, training and techniques in each sport to avoid as many injuries as possible. We invest in the proper equipment and training tools to create a safe environment for our athletes.