School Counseling

What do school counselors do?

In Randolph, each school counselor is a highly trained student advocate dedicated to the academic, social and emotional growth of all students. Elementary counselors develop the foundational attitudes necessary for future success, visit classrooms once a month and meet with student groups and individuals as needed. Middle School counselors begin to concentrate on academic performance and rigor while at the same time, maintaining their focus on the whole child. High school counselors assist students in navigating the high school years, making informed decisions, exploring opportunities and reaching their potential. They also work with students to plan for college, the workforce or other post-graduation options.


How does my child get assigned a counselor?

In the elementary schools, all students in grades K-5 have one of our two elementary school counselors. Middle School counselors are assigned by grade level and follow the students through the middle school years. High school counselors are assigned "loosely" alphabetically and they stay with the family until graduation.


When do students go to their Counselor?

In all grades, students who are experiencing academic, emotional, social or any other concerns should make an appointment to see their school counselor. Parents are always welcome to email or call the school counselor and all contact information is available at


My child is struggling with emotional issues, can the School Counseling department help?

Yes, there is support in place to help students and their families in working through a difficult time. Counselors work with families as well as assist them in finding the appropriate community resources to meet their needs.


What is Naviance and when do students begin working with the program?

Naviance is a student planning solution that empowers students to create their own path towards academic and personal success. Naviance Succeed enables school counselors and families to collaborate on long-term goals that connect to interests, abilities and future aspirations. A 21st century alternative to paper planners, Naviance Succeed gives students the tools to create a personalized action plan with automated reminders. In Randolph, Naviance is available to students in grades 9-12. In 2019-2020, Naviance will be expanded to include students in grades 6-8 as a career exploration and academic planning tool.


How do School Counselors prepare students for college selection and application?

School Counselors prepare students by hosting various activities such as: Senior College Application Night, Sophomore/Junior College Planning Night, and Early College Planning Night for freshman and sophomore families. School Counselors meet individually with all Junior families for post-high school planning. Randolph has a dedicated College and Career Specialist that works with all students for more specific college and career concerns. The counseling office also hosts workshops and classroom lessons for students on the common application, college essay, resume, financial aid and more. The counseling office welcomes over 200 colleges and universities annually for our students.


When should students seek advice from the College and Career Specialist?

The college and career specialist is available at the high school for any student who may need assistance with Naviance, career and college exploration, college applications, etc. The specialist is a resource for families in addition to the expertise provided by the school counselor.


How do I find what scholarships my child is able to apply for?

Randolph receives a large number of local and national scholarships annually. All scholarships are advertised through and posted in Naviance. There are also several links to scholarship search engines found in Naviance. Additionally, students should consult their Counselor at any time regarding potential scholarships for which they may be eligible.