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Anuja Magdum Selected as a New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences Scholar

Randolph High School Junior Anuja Magdum has been chosen to participate as a scholar at The New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences (NJGSS). The 3-week program immerses students in intense college-level research. NJGSS has several objectives. The first is to broaden the scholar’s appreciation and knowledge of science through exposure to a range of scientific topics and scientists. The subject of career exploration and choice is woven throughout the program. The second objective is to introduce scientific research to the scholars via hands-on research experience in a student’s area of interest. Resources from New Jersey’s industrial, governmental, and academic science establishments are used.
“I wanted to attend the New Jersey Governor's School in the Sciences because I wanted to have the opportunity to explore and learn about various unique topics. The program offers different courses that are less common which I find very interesting because you get to learn about things that you may have never heard of or seen before,” Anuja said. “I have always loved math and science so I knew I wanted to attend the Governor's School because it would give me the opportunity to study these unique topics in depth. I also wanted to attend this program to learn about the different fields of science and the potential career paths that exist. The program allows students to work closely with Drew University faculty which I believe would be extremely valuable because it would give me the opportunity to learn from experts who have worked in these fields.”
Anuja enjoys taking STEM courses because there are so many real world applications where STEM knowledge can be used. As the STEM field is constantly expanding with new technologies or new discoveries, she has found the discipline to be exciting and wants to further explore opportunities in the field. “I plan on pursuing some form of engineering, specifically aerospace or mechanical engineering. I think engineering is the perfect mix of science and math because of how interconnected it is,” Anuja said. “The theoretical concepts of math are used in combination with the more physical concepts of science to create new solutions and technologies which I find very interesting. I am also interested in aerospace specifically because of the growth of the space exploration program and the challenges that are present.”
When she attends the program, she is most looking forward to the team research projects. In these projects, she will work with students from different backgrounds as well as expert Drew University faculty who have a shared passion for science. Anuja loves research and had conducted her own individual research through the AP Capstone program. She hopes to apply similar research within a group setting during her 3 weeks at NJGSS.
At RHS, Anuja is a member of National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Spanish National Honor Society. She is also Co-President of Math League, Treasurer of Science Olympiad, and Co-Founder and Co-President of Green Club. Anuja is also a member of Key Club, a member of the Randolph Library Teen Advisory Board, a JV girls tennis player, and plays the cello for the high school's orchestra.
While she has many passions and interests, academics continue to be the foundation she enjoys most. “My favorite subject has always been math; I love solving problems and I love the complexity that comes with the subject. My favorite classes at RHS have been Mr. Douglas’ Pre-Calculus Honors class and my AP Calculus BC class. Mr. Douglas always does a great job explaining why the concepts we learn in class are important or where they are used in the real world which I find to be very intriguing. His humor and overall knowledge make the class engaging and he is always willing to help and discuss anything. Mr. Douglas has helped me a lot with figuring out what parts of STEM most interest me as well as what career paths interest me.”
Congratulations Anuja on your entrance into this prestigious program. We hope you have a great experience that can help you further explore opportunities in STEM.