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Randolph Middle School Opens Student Wellness Space

When RMS 8th grade student Georgia Cullin was in the 7th grade, she came up with an idea while sitting with her friends in math class. Feeling overwhelmed, Georgia talked with her friends about the benefits of having a dedicated space where students could go if they felt stressed. For one of her classes, she decided to write an essay about it to see where the idea could go. Weeks and months later, Georgia talked to other students at RMS making small statements about the benefits of a space to propose to the leadership team at the middle school. The middle school agreed this would be an exciting opportunity to find space for. Georgia began working collaboratively with the middle school leadership team and other students. She contacted vendors which included securing donations, helped pick the space, and was very involved in the entire process. After a little more than a year, the project finally came together and the middle school was excited to unveil their new Student Wellness Space a few weeks ago.
“This a safe space for students to go when they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Working with so many different teachers and students made the project really rewarding,” Georgia said. “Someday, I would like to do something that helps other people that’s creative. Working on this space was an opportunity to give something back to the Randolph community which made me feel so happy. My parents are the nicest people ever and have taught me to always help others even when it’s hard. There was a time when I didn’t think the room would actually happen especially because of COVID-19. I am proud that it actually all came together and that this can be a space that students can now use for years to come.”
In addition to the calming space which includes bean bag chairs, coloring books, stress balls, play dough, and other stress relieving activities; Georgia wanted to create an art piece that students could work on collaboratively. As an artist with a passion for abstract art, she created a zentangle for students to color or paint as they visit the space in an effort to help foster community.
Guidance Counselor Jen Wagener who also worked closely with Georgia to help this concept come to fruition couldn’t be happier to see this space open for students to use as it is needed. “I’ve known Georgia since she was in the 6th grade. She is compassionate, intelligent, and artistically gifted. She has a way of listening to people and their needs which is what helped bring about this wonderful space,” Ms. Wagener said. “Students are not always courageous enough to share their ideas and her initiative is very special. This space confirms for our students that we support their social and emotional needs. We are hearing them, listening to them, and finding ways to constantly innovate how we are able to provide support. I am both incredibly proud of Georgia and excited to see how this new space will serve students for years to come.”