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RHS National Honor Society Students Lead Activities for RMS Students

In November, Randolph High School National Honor Society (NHS) students started planning ways to work with students at Randolph Middle School to help them cope during the pandemic. With the help of National Honor Society Advisor Sandy Kessell and Randolph Middle School Student Government advisors, Kelly Pikul and Melinda Hudson, the National Honor Society students created a series of half hour activities for our middle school students that began February 16 and lasted until this evening March 11.
“We had a lot of our normal events be put on temporary hold because of the COVID-19 guidelines, so we had to get creative with what we could do in the society and for the community,” Randolph High School NHS President Jake Hart said. “As one of the larger societies, we have so many different people with so many different hobbies, skills, and traits. We thought back on some of our earlier days and remembered the after school programs that we looked forward to each year. That was the inspiration for us to create activities for students at RMS. It has been amazing to see our members share their passions with the younger students and create these awesome classes.”
Every class was led by NHS students and incorporated many different types of activities. These included extracurricular activities like soccer, table tennis, basketball, baseball, Zumba, baking, painting, drawing, embroidery, and friendship bracelet making, as well as wellness courses in mindfulness, nutrition, organization, time management and study habits. RHS Senior Daniella Beltram had a positive experience teaching painting and drawing. “I really enjoyed helping students in the middle school learn how to express themselves through art. This activity was a great way to show students how to step away from reality for a little and de-stress,” Daniella said. “Many students in the middle school participated in this activity and ended up being very successful. In the activity I played a video I found on YouTube and stopped it step-by-step for everyone to follow. By the end, everyone had created their own master pieces and it seemed to have a great impact on the students.”
RHS Junior Panagiota ("Pola") Katsanos helped teach both Zumba and Organization courses. “Our Zumba class was very fun and the students seemed to like it a lot. Also, our organization class was very beneficial and I hope it helped the RMS students with their workload now and in the future as high school students. When students reached out to me after and asked me questions, I knew that they are genuinely asking so they can get help and do better. I am so glad they took such pride in their work ethic and their personal health that they decided to reach out for extra help or resources.”
Planning all of these activities took a lot of time and preparation. Students at the middle school worked with NHS students to make sure all of the courses were activities students at the middle school would enjoy. “As an NHS Board, we met with RMS Student Government Association advisers Mrs. Hudson and Ms. Pickul each week for a number of weeks to really discuss logistics,” NHS Secretary Chloe Troiano said. “However, the actual creation of the activities was a result of all of our members and Student Government Association students! We wanted everyone to be passionate and interested in the class they were teaching so we had our members fill out a form, we created general classes such as arts and crafts, and then from there the actual members discussed their interests amongst themselves and planned out what classes to teach and how to teach them. We are so happy with how everything turned out, and really feel like we made a difference in other students' lives.”
Thank you National Honor Society for all of your efforts to organize and lead all of these activities for our RMS students. We know they really appreciated it!