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RHS eSports Team Finishes Season in the National Semifinals

Since October 1st, the Randolph High School eSports team, a newly created division of Computer Club, has been competing against various high schools all over the United States. During the regular season, the team had an impressive 7-1 record which helped them advance to the High School eSports League Championship Playoffs. The team had a 3-1 record in the National Playoffs before losing in the National Semifinals. Despite the loss, in only their second year of competition on a national scale, the Computer Science program at RHS is gaining national exposure for its commitment to accelerated learning opportunities for students.
"Randolph High School has recognized eSports as an avenue where students may build collaborative skills, hone strategic thinking, and demonstrate leadership and sportsmanship,” RHS Computer Science Teacher Matthew Horner said. “As eSports grows in national recognition, both through higher education and professionally, scholarship and recruitment opportunities are also available to students. Our membership in the High School eSports League provides a national platform through which students can access these opportunities."
RHS Senior Jaden Nguyen is excited by the opportunities he has been offered in the computer science program. “I joined the computer club because I wanted to explore whether I was interested in coding or studying computers in general. It was also a great way to meet other people with similar interests within the entire school. I was already playing videogames as a hobby, so when I found out that the club offered eSports, I knew that I wanted to play.”
Jaden added, “I enjoy eSports because I can be competitive while doing something that I enjoy. The pressure from the clutch moments of the games is exhilarating when there is so much on the line for the win. Most importantly, eSports can produce the greatest upsets and surprises. There is never a guarantee that a team will win, so everyone is always trying their best. Playing eSports can also connect you with the gaming community nationally. It really makes you a part of a massive community that is still growing in popularity. To prepare for the tournament, we practiced together in ranked matchmaking. This really helped us develop teamwork and coordination. You need to communicate in order to eliminate the enemy team. Without proper coordination, you would only be playing solo in a team game. Through these practices, we were able to learn each other’s tendencies and understand what everyone wanted to do in every situation. Every team has a strong point. We would adapt and sometimes even develop new strategies mid game to weaken that strength so that we could play our own game. That way, we could be consistent in our victories.”
There are currently 23 members of the eSports program. Nine of those members participated in the tournament. Congratulations to Aidan Jackson, Aaron Hsu, Benjamin Sidebotham, Dante Rivera, Jaden Nguyen, Keith Patel, Kristjan Tootsov, Mark Koskinen, and Timothy Yang on a job well done. We hope to see you participating at Nationals again next year!