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Gabby Toledo Releases 1st Solo Single of Holiday Classic Silent Night

Class of 2018 Graduate Gabby Toledo is currently attending the New School in New York City where she is pursuing her BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music. Gabby decided to release her own version of the holiday classic Silent Night to spread some cheer to others. Anyone can stream the music for free on platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and all other music streaming sites. The logo art featured was created in collaboration with RHS Senior Alexa Dolan.
Gabby’s passion for music started in Randolph. “In high school I was all about music 24/7, not much has changed,” Gabby said. “I was in every choir I could join. Treble Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, and I was in the A Cappella Choir. I was also able to join the Jazz Band and Orchestra for a few songs at some of their concerts, which was a big honor for me.”
Gabby also participated in the Option II program during her senior year which allowed her to fully focus on her music. It was in that class where she began to really focus on songwriting and recording which she believes really helped prepare her for life after high school.
She humbly credits a lot of her success as a performing artist to the experiences she had in Randolph in her classes. “Many musicians talk about how no one supported them when they were young and how teachers would tell them to find a “real” career outside of music,” Gabby said. “I can honestly say that I have had the complete opposite response from my teachers. I have only had supportive teachers who have helped push me to do what I love. So many teachers not only supported me with encouraging words but also have gone out of their way to watch me perform. I would say one teacher who had a huge impact on me would have to be Mr. Ritt from Randolph Middle School. Middle school was a pivotal moment for me where I decided that I wanted to commit to music and learn as much as possible. Mr. Ritt allowed me to spend lunch and any free time I had in his room. He even allowed me to go play in the auditorium where I would play to an empty room but in my head I was playing to a packed crowd. Mr. Ritt made me feel like I could learn anything I wanted to about music if I just spent the time and put in the work. When it was time for me to enter High School I really feared I would no longer have a place to go during the school day like I did in Mr. Ritt’s room, but I had nothing to fear. That room became the music wing in the high school. I had Mr. Swiss who also allowed me to spend countless hours in his classroom, allowed me to play in a now larger empty auditorium, and just gave me space to be creative. Honestly there was not just one teacher that had an impact on me. Mr. Swiss, Mrs. Russo, Mrs. May, Mr. Schaberg, Mr. Lichtenfeld, and Mr. Davidson not only put up with my constant playing in the practice rooms, never ending questions, and unstoppable humming, they also got me involved in every aspect of the music department. As a vocalist getting to sing with the Jazz Band and Orchestra was something that made me feel really special and was a huge honor. I’d also say that even the administration had an impact on my musical life because they would ask me to sing for teacher events, assemblies, spirit weeks, proms, and even out of school events. This really made me feel like I had a whole community of people who believed in me. Because of all of this support, I feel that even though I am out of high school now, I still have a huge community of people that are not only supporting me but also want to help me in my career and be there along the way. I have learned so much in Randolph but I would have to say the sense of community is what I have taken away the most and hope to implement in my own life and give to the people who are around me.”
Prior to COVID-19, Gabby spent the past year singing backup for world renowned artists. She was able to sing with Andrea Bocelli on the Ryan and Kelly Show, performed at Jingle Ball and Good Day New York with Elle Winter, and sang at the legendary Madison Square Garden for three sold out nights. Singing harmonies is something she fell in love with in the Randolph choirs and is now able to use it as a career.
She is also currently pursuing a solo musical career. The Silent Night cover was her first solo project. “Music has always been a huge part of my life. Music is the only thing that completely allows me to forget about all my insecurities, doubts, and fears,” Gabby said. “Through music, I can escape the world for a moment. I wanted to put out Silent Night because it has undoubtedly been a challenging year for not only myself, but for so many around the world. I hope that Silent Night can bring a moment of peace and joy to those who struggled this year.”
Gabby is still learning every day and hopes to never stop learning. She hopes that other aspiring musicians will learn to find their voice. “It’s so easy to mimic other singers and recreate a sound that we look up to. And it can be really scary to do something that is different or new but the more I grow the more I realize the true beauty in being creative,” Gabby said. “So create as much as possible and work hard because no one can do the work for you.”
We look forward to seeing more from Gabby in the future as she pursues her musical career and commend her on all of the success she has already experienced. We are grateful she is using her gift to make a positive impact in the world.