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Randolph Education Foundation Funds Robotics and Drone Program Grant at Randolph High School

The Next Practices Grant Program (NPG) sponsored by the Randolph Education Foundation (REF) provides opportunities for staff members in our district to implement new ideas that foster innovation, promote a growth mindset, focus on self-awareness, create a student-centered learning environment, encourage critical thinking, and/or educate the whole child. While “best practices” have been used for decades, the REF seeks to fund “next practices” – fresh ideas in education that aim to teach and learn in creative and innovative ways.
The fields of Robotics and Drones changes constantly with new technologies arriving every year. RHS teacher Timothy McElroy and RHS Junior Sean Wohnsighl co-wrote a NPG grant to purchase competition equipment, drone batteries and a charger to keep up with these changes. The REF generously funded the project in full, donating $2,471.91 to help expand robotics and drone technologies at RHS.
"Our goal is to enhance the learning and development opportunities of students, both in the classroom and at the club level, through Robotics Competitions and drone flying experiences," Mr. McElroy said. "The benefit to the students and staff will extend beyond the short time of this grant period and be a benefit for years to come, as the club and class evolve to become a contender in local and state tournaments with innovative and creative robot designs and programming."
Thank you to the Randolph Education Foundation for their overwhelming generosity. The REF has always been a strong supporter of our schools, and we are grateful to offer additional opportunities in STEM education thanks to their partnership.