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Cecilia Finds Her Home Away From Home


Class of 2020 graduate Cecilia Gangi has been traveling to Ohio since she was born 18 years ago. Her mother was born and raised in Cleveland, and she fell in love with the Northeast, Ohio area as she visited throughout her childhood. When she first stepped foot on Kent State University’s campus five years ago, Cecilia described it as “home.” From the quaint shops and restaurants downtown to the beautiful green trees on campus, she knew she wanted to continue her post graduate future at Kent State. Five years later, she achieved her dream. Cecilia is studying sports administration at Kent this fall with the goal of making a difference in the lives of athletes.


Cecilia has always had a passion for athletics and played softball her freshman and sophomore year at RHS. As a junior and senior, she was varsity team manager. Cecilia plans on initially studying sports administration with plans to also study sports psychology. “I chose to study sports administration because I knew I always wanted to pursue a career in business and I have always liked sports,” Cecilia said. “I wanted to explore them both as a profession. My dream job is to become a Sports Psychologist. After taking AP Psychology this past year, I have really liked the subject and I am interested in working with athletes in terms of the ways sports have an impact on our bodies and minds.”


In her major, Cecilia will study facility management, event planning, sports marketing and public relations through both academic and hands on learning experiences. During her first semester, she is most looking forward to studying Introduction to Sports Administration and Science of Human Nutrition. Outside of the classroom, the nearby Cleveland area is home to three professional sports teams as well as several minor leagues. She is excited by the internship and job opportunities the city has to offer.


Cecilia will pursue her professional goals and dreams while also exploring her roots. “Family is important to me because I learn my greatest lessons from different family members. This will help me grow into the person I want to become. I am looking forward to challenging myself in a new city and new environment to make new friendships, try new things, and make long lasting memories. I am also excited that I will have family nearby that I can visit with and see more often.”


Cecilia is looking forward to this next chapter in her journey, and she will remember all of the lifelong friendships she has made during her time at RHS. Although Randolph will always be her home, we are grateful that she has found her path at Kent which holds a very sentimental and special place in her heart.