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Amanda Flynn Overcomes Adversity to Continue her Softball Career at Stony Brook University


Class of 2020 graduate Amanda Flynn has been a fighter and competitor her entire life. She can first recall this love for competition when she was a student at Ironia. The thrill of competing during elementary field days fueled her with a sense of purpose, and those feelings only intensified as she grew older. Amanda channeled this energy into athletics playing both volleyball and softball at RHS. Through these experiences, she not only found her calling, but also recognized the impact she could have on the lives of others. With her great sense of humor and love for making others smile; Amanda was able to find further joy in being a teammate and collaborator.


Amanda was excited for what the future could hold for her postgraduate goals. She was determined to continue to play softball in college, and given her athletic talent she was well on her way to accomplishing this goal. Amanda unfortunately discovered the hard way that life is not without its peaks and valleys. In 2019, she was hit with a devastating setback. She tore her ACL in the height of being recruited by colleges and universities. Not only did this put her future softball career at risk, it also meant that she was unable to play her entire junior season of high school. Everything Amanda had striven for was hanging in the balance.


Like she had always done, Amanda did not let these circumstances define her. She worked harder than ever before to recover, always keeping her dreams in sight. She overcame her injuries and was ready for the spring season. Unfortunately for Amanda, like many of our other student athletes, she was not able to compete during her senior spring season as a result of COVID-19.


Despite all of the challenges that could have kept her from reaching her goals, Amanda persevered and achieved her dream. She is committed to play softball at Stony Brook University. Not only does the university have a strong softball program, it is one of the nation’s best universities ranking in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report. “I chose Stony Brook to further my education because it gave me the opportunity to continue my athletic and academic careers,” Amanda said. “I'm interested in becoming a doctor in the future and Stony Brook has their own medical school and program. It is also in such a good location of being close to home and right near the city where there are so many opportunities for me in the future.”


Amanda is looking forward to the accessibility of a having a teaching hospital right on campus. In addition to its other notable rankings, the university's medical school ranks 58th nationally in research and 84th nationally in primary care. She will initially study Biology on the pre-med track and hopes to one day become a Pediatric Neurologist. Her classes will begin on August 24, and she looks forward to starting her course work after several long months in quarantine. She is thankful for the experiences she has had during her time in the district and hopes that future students will make the most of their experiences. “The most valuable lesson I learned is never to take anything for granted,” Amanda said. “Do not wish for it to be over because once it is you will want high school back. High school is the real last time to be with people you have known for a very long time and every moment counts because you do not know when it will be your last.”