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RHS Junior, Allie Cordero, Honored as 2020 AANJ Visual Art Student Achievement Award Winner


Randolph High School Junior Allie Cordero has had a passion for the visual arts since she was a child. In the summer of 7th grade, she started to take a much greater interest in art by learning how to draw her favorite cartoon characters. As Allie’s art has evolved, she has gained notoriety for her unique style. She received an Honorable Mention Award at the Emerging Artist Awards ceremony hosted by Kean University this past school year. Allie’s portfolio received further critical acclaim as she was selected by the Art Administrators of New Jersey as the 2020 Visual Art Student Achievement Award Winner.


Allie describes her art as conceptual and experimental. She creates pieces to have meaning or an underlying feeling. Allie cultivates much of her artistic inspiration from Pinterest focusing on works from the Impressionist and Renaissance era. One of her pieces from her portfolio that received the highest recognition was entitled “You Can Feed Yourself.” The piece was inspired by Allie’s journey to find independence. She is honored by the opportunity to have her work recognized, but she also believes that “real validation comes from yourself and whether you like what you're making or not.”


Allie intends to study art professionally when she graduates from Randolph. However, for her, art has held much greater significance in her life. “To me art is like therapy,” Allie said. “I’ve always found it hard to express what I truly felt and often I opted to say what I think people would want to hear. Because art is so subjective I can show how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking without expressing it directly.


Randolph High School Art teacher, Mercedes Ingenito, was grateful that Allie was recognized for her artistic talents. “I am incredibly proud of Allie Cordero for having been selected as the recipient of the 2020 Art Administrators of New Jersey Visual Art Student Achievement Award. This prestigious award could not have been given to a more humble, dedicated, hard-working and prolific artist,” Ms. Ingenito said. “Her introspective work is not only technically sophisticated and sound, but admirably mature for a high school student. The planning, journaling, and experimentation both aesthetically and technically that precedes all of her pieces is second to none and an honor to be a part of. Allie’s documentation of her personal, cultural and intellectual experiences provides a glimpse into her journey as a young woman, student and artist that is beyond her years and profoundly inspiring.”


Congratulations Allie on your recognition, and we look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in your senior year!