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Ironia Elementary Student Launches Custom Shoe Design Business “Campbell’s Kicks” to Fight COVID-19


Campbell is a 2nd grade student at Ironia. She loves to listen to Disney music, including "Happily Ever After" which is played during the evening fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The song is performed by Jordan Fisher who is one of her favorite artists. While watching a streaming benefit for COVID-19 starring her idol, she decided she wanted to do something to make a difference and find a cure for the virus. She created her own shoe design business, Campbell’s Kicks, with 100% of the profits funding research and providing personal protective equipment in Morris County. She has already raised over $500 by designing “shoes to kick COVID-19 out of here.”


Campbell has always had an interest in designing clothes and shoes for her dolls. At the beginning of the extended school closure, she began to design even more clothing for, not only her dolls, but her family and friends. She loved the idea of making shoes best. Campbell felt that this could be a great opportunity to use her passion to give back. She tested various methods for design production for a month, and finally settled on the marker tie dye approach. Since May 11, Campbell has made dozens of custom kicks for her clients. All of the proceeds have been donated to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund because she wanted to show her Jersey pride! She has also expressed wanting to donate to Feeding America as part of her larger vision.


Every shoe that is made is truly custom and unique. Campbell puts her heart into each shoe she decorates and can only hope her customers are satisfied and like the design she came up with. She always says she feels like she’s making a difference. Small in stature but big in heart, Campbell says that "it just goes to show you that even when you’re small you can make an impact.”


Campbell loves Broadway, singing, acting, and dancing. She aspires to one day be an actress or a singer. However, Campbell wants to find ways to continue to give back. She has shared that she would like to open up a spa some day because she likes making people feel good.


For more information on Campbell's Kicks, please visit her website below:


Congratulations Campbell for all of your success, and for all of your work to fight COVID-19.