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Randolph Community Volunteers Help Serve 291 Families in Need


Table of Hope is a program of the Spring Street Community Development Corporation that provides meals to individuals and families in need. One of the Table of Hope programs includes a mobile food pantry which distributes food throughout Morris County. Randolph Township Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services Russ Newman worked with Table of Hope to set up a free food distribution to anyone in the Randolph community who needed it. Randolph Township Schools was proud to partner on the initiative to help serve members of the community.


On Wednesday May 13th, the district partnered with the township as well as several community organizations which included the Randolph Township Council, Randolph Rotary, Randolph YMCA, the Randolph Indian Association, some Randolph students, the Randolph Township Democratic Committee and residents to help approximately 291 families. In total, an astounding 14,550 pounds of food was given to those in need. The families received groceries, produce, canned goods, meat, and dairy products. “I’m so happy Randolph Township was able to partner with Table of Hope to provide food for so many families,” Mayor Christine Carey said. “I want to thank all of those who worked so hard to make the day such a success.”


Board of Education President Joe Faranetta was one of the many district volunteers who helped pack cars with food and supplies. “Our school board, administration and the township have formed a great working relationship over the years. It was not a surprise to see how many of the volunteers were from our three teams,” Mr. Faranetta said. “Everyone pitched in to help make this event such a tremendous success. Our team worked in collaboration with members of Town Council, the township Manager and many of the members of the recreation office. We were proud to have many members of our district leadership team as well as 5 board members on hand to help distribute these resources. The distribution of food is an unfortunate need in our current times, but coordinating events between the town and schools happens with great regularity. We were happy to be a part of this joint effort and appreciate the work of the township to organize this incredible opportunity to give back to those in need.”


Mr. Faranetta added that this was not only an opportunity to help those in need, but to educate others about the importance of giving back. “As we were loading grocery packages in the cars, I had the opportunity to partner with a young child of one of the volunteers. He said many times "how great it was to help other people." As adults, we understood the greater purpose of why we were volunteering. However, to hear that from one of our children resonated with me. We are so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful township, with great people raising great kids!"


Superintendent Jennifer Fano echoed the words of Mr. Faranetta with her gratitude for this collaborative effort. “We are thankful that the district was able to partner with the township and other local organizations to help provide this service to our residents. To witness so many volunteers mobilize to help families impacted by this crisis was reassuring. While the future is still uncertain, in the midst of this pandemic we are still finding ways to have hope. We must continue to come together as a Randolph community and find ways to support one another. When we are united together, we are stronger than ever.”