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RHS Engineering Teacher Helps Combat COVID-19


Randolph High School engineering teacher Duncan Crannell is one of the many leaders in our learning community helping to combat COVID-19. Recognizing a need to assist, he borrowed a 3D printer from the high school to manufacture personal protective equipment. With the technology, Mr. Crannell has been producing mask relief straps intended to relieve chafing and irritation of caregivers’ ears caused by N95 masks.


“I know we are all extremely grateful to the caregivers working on the front lines to control this pandemic and save lives,” Mr. Crannell said. “This is just one small effort for my colleagues and I to do what we can to make their tasks a little easier.”


Mr. Crannell has produced more than 200 mask relief straps. They have been donated to caregivers at healthcare facilities in Morristown and Dover.


STEM Supervisor Anthony Emmons is excited to see that the district’s efforts to expand 3D printing capabilities have been able to help healthcare workers in need during this difficult time.


“During my time as STEM Supervisor, there has been an emphasis on 3D printing,” Mr. Emmons said. “Machines previously thought to be beyond repair were brought back online. An additional 3D printer was purchased as well. This meant more students had access to this technology, particularly those in Mr. Crannell's engineering classes.


Once concerns about COVID-19 became more prevalent, articles about printing face shields and other PPE gear with 3D printed components began to appear. Continuing to share these ideas and articles, Mr. Crannell borrowed a 3D printer and began producing components at home.


Using rapid prototyping and manufacturing tools to respond to the shortage of PPE gear during this time highlights the need to teach design skills and develop a working knowledge of such technology. By incorporating such knowledge and skills into our curriculum in Randolph, we are indeed preparing our students for the future. We are grateful that Mr. Crannell can serve as an example of the power this technology can have to change lives, and I am personally thankful that the district continues to support this technology in our STEM program.”


Thank you Mr. Crannell for all of your efforts to help the community during this uncertain time.