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RHS Art Students Give Back


Randolph High School National Art Honor Society students contribute to the annual portrait drive for under privileged students in Malaysia, through the non-profit organization, The Memory Project. According to the Memory Project: “The Memory Project was founded by Ben Schumaker in 2004 while he was studying psychology and social work at the University of Wisconsin. Ben had just spent a month at an orphanage in Guatemala where he learned that the children had few special belongings to help capture their life stories. Because Ben had always enjoyed creating portraits for friends and family in school art classes, he had the idea to organize art teachers and their students to create portraits that could serve as positive and tangible childhood “memories” for the children. Once he started delivering these portraits to children around the world, he realized that they also helped to build feelings of international friendship and solidarity. The portraits seemed to make the world a little smaller and kinder, and that is what the Memory Project is all about.”


To learn more about the project, you can view the organization’s video here:


Here is what some of our students who completed the project had to say about this experience:


"This project was exciting! We got to help spread joy and positivity to people who have it rough right now. We're here to provide a light in the negativity and hopefully give them something that makes them happy. Working on it was honestly an amazing experience, and it felt great to see them enjoying the portraits. It brought pure joy."
- Zofia Kaminsky


"It was really beautiful to get to see the genuine happiness of the kids getting their portraits, it is truly amazing to see that our art was able to brighten their day. It just really shows that art can make a positive difference and bring happiness into someone's life."
- Ivonne Milan


"This project was more than just making portraits and sending them out - it was an amazing example of how art can connect people and how it can bring joy to people of all ages. Seeing the bright smiles on the kids' faces was an incredible feeling knowing that our artwork could make such a difference!"
- Medhavi Patel


Great job National Art Honor Society students!