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RHS Senior Chris Civetta Appointed to the United States Naval Academy


Despite the uncertainty of this time, Randolph High School seniors continue to plan for the future. Whether that future be college, the work force, or the military, students continue to make their commitments and make plans for the next phase of their lives. Although this planning can be challenging given the current circumstances, our seniors are incredibly intelligent, dynamic, and well-rounded young people with the foundation to excel as they enter adulthood.


Randolph High School senior Chris Civetta is just one shining example of the tremendously talented seniors we have in our district. He is a stand out both inside and outside of the classroom. Chris has a strong passion for science and has excelled academically with an impressive 4.6574 weighted cumulative GPA. “RHS provides a supportive and challenging environment for its students. I have always had an interest in STEM subjects, and I have specifically loved science and engineering. I enjoy pushing myself in the classroom as well as the many extracurricular opportunities available to me," Chris said. In addition to academic excellence, he has been very involved during his time at RHS. As a member of the Varsity Hockey team, he helped lead Randolph to the 2020 state championship on March 9, 2020. Additionally, Chris is student body president and an officer of computer club.


When it came time for Chris to start applying to colleges and universities, he had many opportunities to choose from. He received acceptances to some of the nation’s most prestigious universities which included the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Notre Dame and Northeastern University with full NROTC scholarship. After carefully considering all of his options, Chris accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. He leaves to begin serving our country on June 25.


The United States Naval Academy is one of the nation’s most selective institutions with an acceptance rate of only 8.4% and receives more than 16,000 applicants annually. “I am extremely humbled by the opportunity that I have to study at the United States Naval Academy (USNA). I was offered the opportunity to attend a number of great schools, but I chose USNA because it is going to provide me with a challenging, once in a lifetime experience. When choosing a school, I think it is important to find what is best for you. The Naval Academy is the right fit for me.” Chris added: “The Naval Academy offers a challenging environment that will make me into the best version of myself. USNA will challenge me academically, mentally, and physically so that I can become a young leader in service of my country. I plan on majoring in Robotics and Control Engineering. I hope to pursue a career as a Systems Engineer and I plan to become a Surface Warfare Officer upon graduation. I would like to thank my family, coaches, teachers, and the RHS Administration for supporting me through this process. Without their unending support I would not be where I am today.”


His parents, Vinny and Shannon Civetta are extremely proud of Chris and the accomplishments he has achieved. His mother Shannon said, “When Chris approached us over a year ago about applying to the Naval Academy, my husband and I were less than thrilled. Selfishly we were not ready to sacrifice time with our son or his safety. However, for 18 months we watched Chris prepare physically and mentally. He tracked multiple deadlines, prepared for interviews, wrote essays and took tests - all on his own. Chris was accepted to 5 fantastic schools including Notre Dame and UPenn but without hesitation and with an unbelievable smile, he accepted his USNA appointment on March 26. We could not be prouder and we are prepared to support him through this 9-year commitment.” Shannon added: “Chris has fabulous teachers at Randolph High School. Not only have they prepared him academically but they also went out of their way to support him on their own time last summer when Chris asked for pieces of his application to be submitted early. The administration and counseling have accommodated special requests as well. In addition, Chris learned about his appointment in the locker room of hockey practice. Although we were sad to miss this special moment, the crazy scene described to us as he celebrated with his lifelong friends was priceless. Our Randolph community is the best!”


Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso echoed the excitement of Chris’ acceptance and the journey he has had during his time in the district. “One of the privileges of watching thousands of young adults navigate their way through high school is the opportunity to interact with incredible gentlemen such as Chris Civetta. Chris is the type of individual who is not only talented both academically and athletically but selfless and kind to a fault. His involvement over the course of his four years reflects his desire to improve not only himself but to enhance the overall high school experience for his peers. His presence will be sorely missed but not forgotten and we wish him every success at the Naval Academy.”


Although graduation is still a few months away, Chris has still been active in the classroom and preparing for his future with the guidance of his teachers. “I have been keeping up with my online classes and preparing for AP exams in the coming months. I look forward to continuing to work on my studies in class while also exploring other projects relating to computer sciences and programming. My App Development and Option 2 Independent Study courses allow me to work on independent projects at home. I have been connecting with teachers through teams. The communication on teams is easy and it allows for students and teachers to interact in group chats and on calls.”


Despite the challenging times and circumstances, we are grateful to see success stories like Chris’ continue to unfold. Thank you Chris for answering the call to serve our country. We know that you will do incredible work in the Navy, and we look forward to seeing how your life and your career unfolds after graduation.