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RMS Encourages Unity with Rainbows of Hope


Randolph and neighboring towns are participating in a #RainbowsofHope challenge to give families an activity to participate in and provide something to look for while out on walks. Families are being asked to draw and display images of rainbows in windows, driveways, doors, or anything that can be seen as people take walks throughout their neighborhood. Why rainbows? “Rainbows are a universal symbol for hope and promise. They are a prize after weathering a storm. Rainbows reassure us that there will be beauty and clarity following times of doubt.”


Randolph Middle School educators Rio Clemente, Noelle Cocca, Stacy Wess, and Patricia Carew felt inspired to help unify families during this time of uncertainty in a positive way. “We know that this situation is hard on everyone, especially our students. We wanted to come up with a way to lift their spirits while on walks around the neighborhood and to give them an opportunity to share their creativity. If something as simple as a rainbow has a positive effect on people, then it is all worth it. The padlet provides people a chance to see everyone’s art on all sides of town or if they aren’t able to go out. Just remember that after every storm, comes a rainbow!”


The padlet referenced above is a virtual platform for students, families, and staff to share their rainbows. You can share your rainbow and see all of the amazing doorways and sidewalks throughout Randolph in the padlet link below.


We encourage all of our families to engage in this amazing activity to spread positivity. Great job RMS!