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Randolph Donates Personal Protective Equipment to Hospitals in Need


Cold, flu, and seasonal allergies are common during this time of year. Unfortunately, these symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19 which can make the illness difficult to diagnose. To further complicate matters, individuals with COVID-19 can be carriers and experience no symptoms at all. Although these uncertainties can be confusing, there are easy solutions we can all take to help slow the spread of the virus. By proactively social distancing, practicing proper hygiene, and self-isolating when appropriate, we can come together to help keep our community safe.


Like other common respiratory illnesses, it’s important to emphasize that COVID-19 in most cases is treatable at home. If you or your child is sick or needs non-emergent medical care for any reason, experts encourage that you contact your health care provider prior to visiting the hospital. Your health care provider can assess your symptoms and identify whether or not it is necessary to seek medical treatment. By being extra communicative with your healthcare provider, you can help save lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19. In these uncertain times, following these guidelines is also essential for the safety of healthcare professionals. Many health care facilities locally and nationally are running out of the proper personal protective equipment they need to keep our healthcare professionals safe. Through social distancing and making informed choices in consultation with your physician, you can help prevent the spread of the illness and protect the people who are fighting COVID-19 at the source.


Our district recognized the tremendous need of healthcare workers and sought to do something to directly provide support. Our facilities and custodial team assessed our district’s inventory of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, gowns and goggles to see what could be donated to local hospitals who are in desperate need of supplies. Upon review, the district is able to donate 250 canisters of disinfectant wipes, 100 cases of gloves, 100 bottles of hand sanitizer, and all masks to local hospitals. The district will continue to retain enough supplies to serve our schools’ needs while also finding ways to give back to the professionals who need it the most during this time.


Randolph Director of Facilities Andy Hurd is grateful that the district was able to do something to help others during this time of need. “In our efforts to source the items needed to protect our staff and clean our schools, we managed to acquire enough supplies to take care of the district’s needs. We realized that we had a surplus and that we could share directly with those working on the front lines to combat the illness. We hope the items can be used to protect those in need and we are thankful that we were able to help during this uncertain time.”


If you or someone you know has access to personal protective equipment and would like to donate to a local health care facility, please visit the Atlantic Health link below for more information.…/donate-supplies-covid-19.h…