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RHS Dance Outreach Club Members Teach Elementary Enrichment Students Dance Lessons


RHS Dance Outreach club members are currently volunteering with Eagle Enrichment students at Center Grove teaching them how to dance. Seniors Emily Peel, Charlotte Gu, Natalie Beck, Gary Dong, and Junior Jordan Snarski are leading the course. This after school hip hop style dance class will run for the next 6 weeks. Two classes are running simultaneously: one for kindergarteners and the other for 1st through 5th graders. Our first-time dancers are learning multiple routines. The dance they learned yesterday was the combined dance which will be the finale of the final performance. Each class will learn at least one other dance with the possibility of two or more depending on how well the students learn.


Emily Peel wants to become a teacher and pursue a career in education when she graduates from Randolph at the end of the year. She wanted to be involved with this project specifically given her passion for students and for dance. “I have been in the dance program at RHS for the past 4 years. I first started dancing when I was 2 and I’ve just been dancing my whole life. It’s a really positive outlet for me to get out anything I am bottling up inside that I can’t express with words, but I can express through dance. I’m a dance teacher at my studio and I teach little kids already and I love it. Since I want to become a teacher, helping to lead these classes just seemed like the perfect fit for me.”


A huge thank you to our Dance Outreach members for taking the time to volunteer with our students.