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Randolph Hosts Celebration to Honor The Bosch Community Fund & The Randolph Education Foundation for their Support of Sustainability Initiatives Districtwide


We are excited to announce that the Randolph Education Foundation (REF) will continue to support sustainability and wellness opportunities at Randolph after awarding the district a $10,000 grant. The district held a special signing ceremony to celebrate the Randolph Education Foundation’s generosity and to commemorate all of the hard work that has transpired over the course of the past two years thanks to the support of the Bosch Community Fund on similar initiatives. Providing access to cutting edge sustainability and wellness programs has been a priority of the district, and it is because of the supportive partnership between the Bosch Community Fund and the Randolph Education Foundation that opportunities to promote sustainability are possible.


Randolph Township Schools will use the funding from this most recent grant to provide students at Randolph High School with authentic learning opportunities in agricultural science that will also enhance the district’s culinary arts program. The funding will support farm-to-table agricultural practices which will educate students about modern food systems, production, and distribution. Supporting local farming practices is important for the environment and maintaining an efficient production system. Chef Thomas Povinelli who leads Randolph High School’s culinary arts program is excited and grateful for Bosch and the REF’s support over the past few years. “This generous REF grant and past funding from the Bosch Community Fund have provided the district with pivotal support that is essential to the growth of our Culinary arts program here at RHS. A trending factor in culinary arts teaching is the sustainability and farm to table movement, giving students the ability to reduce their emission footprint on this planet as well as strengthen the infrastructure of local towns and small local farms. This will also give us the ability to teach students how to grow and harvest their own fruits and vegetables using our hydro-gardens in school as well as utilize our green houses and gardens at the elementary school level. Lessons such as these up until now were only able to be completed at a technical school or college level course. RHS will be able to set the bar for the public high school by adding this to our curriculum thanks to the Randolph Education Foundation and Bosch.”


According to the farm bureau, farmers will have to grow 70 percent more food than what is currently produced to feed the world’s growing population by 2050. More than 20% of all farmers are also beginning farmers. The opportunity opens doors for students to explore not just agricultural science and the culinary arts, but also entrepreneurship and logistics. In terms of logistics and sustainability, the average food item travels 1,300 miles and changes hands six times before you ever get to see it. Local farms help the environment by reducing this footprint and are an investment in the future.


Although these funds will directly support Randolph High School, thanks to the support of the Randolph Education Foundation and Bosch Community Fund on past initiatives; we are able to provide opportunities in sustainability district wide. Bosch Community Fund awarded the district a $30,000 grant this past year giving students access to cutting edge sustainability and wellness programs. Randolph was also able to acquire aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics in all six schools and our transition program. The REF generously awarded $54,000 to further support this initiative allowing us to finish the initial phase of the project, which included the enormous greenhouse at the middle school. The funding and passion for these projects has led to additional efforts by the district to support sustainability, which has included such projects as the greenhouse at Center Grove Elementary School, community gardens at our other elementary schools, and opportunities for students to engage with local organizations. Katie Thorn, District Supervisor of Elementary Education, spoke to the value of the Bosch Community Fund and the Randolph Education Foundation’s longstanding commitment to sustainability at Randolph. “We are so grateful to Bosch and the REF for providing opportunities that reach much further than the resources that we are able to fund. These tools will continue to provide practical growth opportunities districtwide for students that are applicable to the real world. The daily immersion in this culture will continue to develop and positively impact individual and collective wellness. The student experiences afforded are aiding in developing career-oriented knowledge and life skills around modern farming, agriculture, economics, and overall global wellness. We are in awe of the passionate Randolph teachers who have shaped these opportunities, and look forward to the student experiences and outcomes to celebrate ahead.”


In addition to these learning opportunities, the initiative provides students with “hands-on” learning experiences that foster engaged instruction in STEM. Superintendent Jennifer Fano stressed the importance of problem-based learning. “Thanks to the Bosch Community Fund and the Randolph Education Foundation, our district has received more than $100,000 in support for sustainability. With this support, we are able to create authentic problem-based learning opportunities in STEM. Problem-based learning opportunities that we provide in collaboration with our community partners enable our students to create, to explore, and to develop into well rounded global citizens equipped with the capabilities to lead. We are truly humbled by the collective generosity of the Bosch Corporation and the Randolph Education Foundation.”