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RHS Welcomes Nationally Recognized Culinary Arts Program


Culinary arts education and other hospitality related programs are engaging, fun, and project-based learning opportunities that add value to the wholeness of every child. The district has made significant advances in fostering the growth of hospitality programs at both Randolph High School as well as Randolph Middle School. As the nation’s third largest employer, jobs in the hospitality industry are and will continue to be in high demand. There is similar demand internationally which opens up more pathways for students to consider. In the next decade, the restaurant industry alone is expected to add 1.6 million new jobs. Those who consider pursuing a degree in the hospitality industry have a much greater advantage to seize the most benefit from the market opportunity. Recognizing this opportunity for students, Randolph High School’s culinary arts department welcomed Walnut Hill College, a nationally recognized top 10 culinary arts school, to connect with students about postgraduate opportunities in the hospitality industry.


Walnut Hill College was established in Philadelphia in 1974 and offers degree programs in the culinary arts, pastry arts, restaurant management, and hotel management. Students can explore a variety of different roles such as culinary arts, pastry arts, research & development, general management, event planning, public relations, human resources, and financial accounting. Walnut Hill helped students learn about different pathways within the industry which included roles that students had never heard of before such as a sommelier and a hotel general manager. It was a great opportunity for students to see a wide variety of career options and see the possibilities of exploring this industry. Opportunities for advancement while they’re in high school were also offered to students to consider. Walnut Hill College hosts a Summer Institute and a Summer Camp for students to explore these opportunities.


The workshop ended with a meringue whipping competition and tasting. Student teams competed against one another learning how to make the perfect meringue along the way.


We are thankful for the many colleges, universities, and post graduate institutions that visit with our students to discuss their futures. Building a bridge between the Randolph community and the world community allows every child to see the possibilities of who they can become. Not every student will want to become an executive chef or hotel general manager. However, Randolph offers similar opportunities for engagement in every department and discipline. Every child should see their potential as unlimited and that they can become whoever they wish to be.


We are thankful to district VPA supervisor Frank Perrone and Chef Thomas Povinelli for making this special learning event possible.