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County Judge David Ironson Shares his Experience with Randolph Middle School Students


One unit of enrichment for Randolph Middle School 6th, 7th and 8th grade students involves mock trials of historical significance from the 1800's, 1900's, medieval times, and the renaissance. Students learn the function of a court as well as its proceedings and terminology. To assist, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation provides the district with free materials including a handbook for trial jurors. The students then select a role in the case that is chosen serving as judges, attorneys, bailiffs, defendants, and witnesses. They research the real individuals they represent and the trial ensues. By the 8th grade, enrichment students are fully aware of what is involved in civil and criminal cases.


Judge David Ironson visited Randolph Middle School to offer his first hand experience of life as a judge. He me with students to talk about the types of trials he sees in the County Courthouse in Morristown. From his perspective, he was able to familiarize our students with how all the pieces fit together in a case. In addition, Judge Ironson also gave the students career development advice outlining ways in which students can become an attorney and ultimately a judge. He was a phenomenal presenter and the students were enlightened by his experience. Randolph Schools is grateful for opportunities like these to utilize real world experts to foster and support social emotional learning. First hand experience is a great tool for success. Thank you Judge Ironson for your leadership and mentorship to our students!