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Randolph Township Schools Partners with CCM to Offer Dual Enrollment Opportunities for RHS Students


Randolph Township Schools and County College of Morris hosted a ceremonial signing day December 19th to announce a new dual enrollment partnership which will benefit Randolph High School students. According to Director of Secondary Education Jonathan Olsen: “We have worked hard over the past five years to expand our partnerships with the County College of Morris. In addition to our dual enrollment initiative, we have implemented a college readiness program for our junior and senior students to ensure they are ready for college on day one. This innovative program brings CCM faculty to Randolph to work with students and our teachers to ensure our instruction is aligned with what our students will experience when they enter college. Our dual enrollment program is another opportunity for our students to become acclimated to college curricula they might experience when leaving Randolph and earn college credit in the process. We are grateful to have leaders and faculty at CCM willing to work with our institution to help our students better prepare for their future.”


Dual enrollment is an opportunity to introduce college level course work to high school students outside of the typical Advanced Placement framework. Students can remain enrolled at Randolph High School while also completing classes at CCM. According to the Community College Research Center (CCRC), "dual enrollment participation is positively related to a range of college outcomes including college enrollment and persistence, greater credit accumulation and higher college GPA. Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso is looking forward to continuing to build on this partnership. “I am thrilled that we are continuing to enhance our connection with CCM. Our students can only benefit from the work that we are doing to provide them with more college level opportunities right in their own backyard. The faculty and staff at CCM have been amazing to work with and I look forward to a productive relationship moving forward for the benefit of our students.” Randolph High School continues to investigate ways to offer dual enrollment opportunities to students to earn college credit and potentially work toward certificated programs while also earning their high school diploma.


Superintendent Jennifer Fano echoed the sentiments of Mr. Olsen and Mrs. Iosso. “One of our missions at Randolph is to foster innovation. To fulfill that vision, we strive to create an exemplary learning community that prepares students to excel in a complex interconnected and changing world. The achievement of college education is one of multiple pathways for students to explore to become the responsible, capable, and progressive world leaders we know they can be. Our partnership with CCM enhances accessibility for students to higher education. CCM’s rich history of academic excellence in Morris County has left an indelible impact on the lives of thousands of students. I am grateful for the partnership and the opportunity for students to pursue college level course work while enrolled at Randolph High School.”