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Randolph Middle School Honors Our Armed Forces by Educating Students About the Importance of Veteran's Day


Randolph Middle School’s Humanities Department created a new vision for Veteran’s Day to teach students the context and reason for the holiday. Students spent the past week and all day today completing a variety of projects to honor our armed forces. RMS partnered with the Randolph VFW to support the needs of VA Lyon’s Medical Center to provide items of clothing for their veteran patients. Students heard from RMS math teacher and retired Army Veteran Chris Scroggins who presented his military and life experiences to the entire 8th grade class. Students engaged in lessons on the branches of the military and their purpose, as well as some of the awards given to service men and women. Students also constructed a one-page profile of a member of their family who has served in the US military. These profiles will be disseminated and collected at each grade level this week and then assembled with some help from our visual arts teachers. These projects are just a few examples of the more than one dozen activities at the middle school designed to recognize this special day.


Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you to all who have devoted their lives to serve our country.