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Ironia 2nd Graders Save Humpty Dumpty


Ironia 2nd grade teacher Megan Thompson developed a hands-on cross-curricular learning experience that integrated language arts and STEM. She read her students After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Caldecott award winning author Dan Santat. The story ‘s message teaches children how to conquer their fears and to get back up when presented with obstacles. Ms. Thompson used the book as an opportunity to infuse science into the lesson. She challenged her students to create a suit for Humpty so he wouldn’t have to worry about cracking if he did fall off the wall again.


The class excitedly dove into the design process by planning their suits of armor. They drew pictures and wrote about what their creations would look like. Once their vision had been fully realized, they built egg capsules which they tested by dropping them from a height of 120 inches. After the first drop, each student reflected on their work and made alterations to improve the design of their capsules. The students worked collaboratively adding tape, Styrofoam, cardboard, plastic bags, and other materials to make the best possible solution to protect Humpty from cracking. While the students thought they had met their greatest challenge, they were surprised when Ms. Thompson told them she would be testing their designs by launching them from the top of Ironia. The students’ eyes were filled with wonder and excitement as they watched their creations being launched from the roof of their school. They shouted, jumped up and down, and hugged each other as they anxiously waited to see if their designs would protect Humpty.


The students had fun and the anticipation we saw in their eyes was something we all strive for as educators. We want our students to enjoy and be fully immersed in their education. Learning can and should be fun. Ms. Thompson’s integration of multidisciplinary content and the facilitation of student involvement in her classroom is just one example of the district’s mission to promote social emotional learning. We will always strive to deepen our students’ love for learning.