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A Teacher’s Influence is not Temporary it is Eternal


While students had the holiday off, our educators met for a districtwide Day of Wellness. The event was designed to promote professional development with interactive sessions in arts integration, personal finance, safety and security, Microsoft applications, and social emotional learning, just to name a few course topics. Our teachers also enjoyed mindfulness, sip & paint and yoga sessions which were part of the district’s efforts to promote staff personal wellness which is essential to educate the whole child.


"Today’s professional learning offerings were intentionally designed with the various dimensions of wellness in mind. Through intentionally integrating social, emotional, and academic learning experiences for all, we hope that our staff found a balance of both personal and professional growth opportunities."


- Danielle Soldivieri, Director of Elementary Education


Nationally recognized teacher Trevor Muir, author of the book The Epic Classroom: How to Boost Engagement, Make Learning Memorable, and Transform Lives, led the keynote for today’s event. Trevor reinforced in his presentation that every student is a dynamic character with a potential for greatness. He believes and knows that educators hold the key to unlocking that potential by building relationships and crafting learning experiences that are engaging and transformative. In his words, “a teacher’s influence is not temporary, it is eternal.” By recognizing and utilizing student stories, Trevor believes that teachers can create intentionally designed learning experiences that will impact every child for the rest of their lives. His session was received positively with many of our teachers saying that they felt inspired to utilize creative storytelling in their classrooms as a means to foster student success.


Our teachers also had the unique opportunity to participate in two sessions led by students from Randolph High School and Randolph Middle School. The middle and high school instructional coaches organized these offerings with the students. The RHS students facilitated a workshop entitled Building Mindful Student/Teacher Relationships, which focused directly on creating a shared vision for the ideal student/teacher relationship. This session was led by RHS students Chloe Troiano, Skye Gioia, Radhika Mathur, Gavin Emdur, James Messina, Gianna Baorto, Sean Wattman, Josh Freiheiter, Marina Dorizas, Rob Moran, Katie Cuyar, Raymond Vega, Richard Williams, Abby Herring, Kyle Johnson, and Anthony DeMelfi. The RMS student led session entitled The Power of Positivity focused on culture and building the perfect classroom environment. This session was led by RMS students Abigail Vetter, Jada Gross, Matthew Hitland, Ricardo Sanchez, Alex Sabatino, Mollie Peters, Alexandra Chupak, Kathleen Gilligan, Jake Miller, Connor Stokoe, Stephanie Xhumba and Tirzah Johns.


The district recognizes that our educators “literally” change the lives of students leaving an indelible impact forever. With this tremendous responsibility in mind, staff experiences are intentionally designed with the goal of fostering personal and professional growth. Thank you to everyone who made today such a tremendous success and a special thank you to our students for volunteering their time to meet with our staff today. Everything we do, we do because of you!