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Shongum 2nd Grade Students Visit Randolph Township


Shongum 2nd grade students in Mr. Bocchino's class visited the Township of Randolph and Randolph Township Police Department this morning. They got a personal introduction from Mayor Loveys who discussed types of communities and the role of government. Our students were very inquisitive asking some challenging questions such as "what would happen if the fire department caught on fire" and "how do you know where all of the streets are, did someone teach you?" Mayor Loveys gave an amazing introduction answering all of the students questions before the students got to tour the town municipal offices.


The students were then joined by Officer Biase who has served the community for 23 years as a member of the Randolph Police Force. The students were particularly excited to visit the jail cell which, although being a tight squeeze, was a huge hit!


We are grateful to have opportunities for our students to engage with local leaders who keep our community safe and prosperous.