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Randolph Middle School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Spanish teacher Maria Reilly teaches a Spanish for Native Speakers 1 class at Randolph Middle School. The students from that class were tasked with creating and presenting posters of their countries of heritage in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Ms. Reilly wanted to do this activity to help celebrate the cultural diversity of the district. “I did this project because I wanted students to feel proud of their heritage and to also share their similarities in culture which can unite us as a community.” Each student’s poster had their country of heritage’s flag, traditional clothing, foods, and other facts. The project was a huge success with many students citing that the activity was a unique opportunity to learn something new about the history and culture of other countries.


Randolph Middle School is one of only a handful of schools in the state that has a Spanish for Native or Heritage Speakers program. The focus of the program is on literacy and is geared towards students who are already proficient in Spanish but may need help to develop or enhance their reading and writing skills. One of the most important aspects of Spanish for Native or Heritage Speakers is teaching students to be proud of their bilingualism and their culture. Paula Paredes-Corbel, World Language and English as a Second Language Supervisor, said that: “A central goal of the program is to instill a sense of pride in our students and in their heritage. Through the development of self-understanding and self-esteem, students will be better prepared to navigate a bicultural society.”


Thank you Ms. Reilly for creating this activity to help celebrate diversity and the importance of inclusion.