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What's Happening In Our Schools: Valentine's Celebration

On Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to once again visit with one of our fourth-grade classes at Fernbrook Elementary and enjoy their Valentine’s celebration. I had previously visited when they were planning their party and was delighted when they graciously invited me to return and join in the fun. This party was extra special because these students worked in groups using their real-world problem-solving skills to develop plans for their own party, staying within their $50 budget. Students used estimation and measurement skills (for room decorations) and learned to balance a checkbook to stay within their budget. I watched as one student was referring back to her math practice to make sure she could apply her knowledge and meticulously work within a specific budget. Ultimately, her group’s plan was chosen for the Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

I wanted to share this with you all to give you a better glimpse into how our teachers are creating opportunities for students to authentically apply math and problem-solving skills. Our students are engaging in these types of activities every day, simultaneously learning and experiencing the fruits of their labor.

It is also important to note that the students were gracious hosts, inviting their guests to enjoy snacks, play a pin-the-heart on Cupid game, and giving out Valentines. I am so thankful they invited me to join them! I look forward to sharing more experiences like this with you, from various classrooms across our District.

Jennifer Fano