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Ironia Fifth Grade Students Perform Circus for Students, Teachers and Parents

Ironia fifth graders learned how to spin plates, juggle scarves, balance on a ball and even walk on stilts and then perform in a circus which they staged for students, teachers and parents.

The exciting event was part of a residency with NJ Circus Kid Productions, which was sponsored by the Ironia PTO. “Every grade got to be ‘taught’ by Doug and Kevin during their physical education period,” said Ironia PTO Co-President Tara Novak. “It was perfect since it fit right into the physical education teachers curriculum.”

The students said they really enjoyed learning new skills and performing in a circus. “I learned to juggle and practicing every day gained confidence,” said Justin Swayze, who noted that the also enjoyed performing a juggling routine with Principal David Kricheff in front of the school.

It was noted that Mr. Kricheff was the first principal who was part of the show.

Justin Novak said he learned a great deal from the program. “It was fun how we got to do different things,” he said. “Everyone got to do something different and perform something we worked on all week.”

Ryan Davidson enjoyed learning to perform a variety of stunts. “The program let us explore our imaginations and learn different concepts such as Diablo, Devil Sticks etc. It gave enjoyment to us all as we learned new things and we actually bonded with each other too.”

The PTO would like to bring the special residency back to the school again next year, Mrs. Novak said.

Circus Kids Productions provide fun and interactive programs at schools throughout the country