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Randolph High School Chapter of National Honor Society Inducts 93 New Members in Beautiful Ceremony

The Randolph High School Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 93 juniors and seniors in a beautiful ceremony in the Randolph High School Auditorium on November 26.

The students were called up individually to the stage as a society officer spoke about their interests and college plans before all of the students walked through the auditorium holding artificial candles and stood on bleachers in the front of the auditorium. The students also recited the society pledge.

President Olivia Meyers lit the candle of knowledge, the foundation of the four pillars of the NHS—scholarship, service, leadership and character—all of which she said had been exhibited by the candidates.

“They have devoted their time and effort into helping others and contributing to the community,” she said. “They have been active leaders and role models in their actions through both actions and words. And these inductees have expressed exemplary character in terms of respect, maturity, trustworthiness, and kindness every day in their lives. This ceremony recognizes that hard work and the successes of each candidate and how they embody the core values of the National Honor Society in order to don the blue and gold cords at graduation.”

Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso welcomes students and families to the ceremony and commended parents for doing such a great job with their children.

Guest speaker Michael Lonie, a social students teacher, was the evening’s guest speaker and spoke to the students about honor which he said “is described as the relationship that is established between an individual and his or her society. It is a sacred bond in which the individual integrates societal values and norms with a deeply personal code of conduct and ethics.”

Mr. Lonie told students that he believes this honor “is at the core of the National Honor Society;” and “a call for your all to begin to develop your own ethos or code of conduct and to reflect upon how it governs your interactions with the community.”

New members were invited to join the society based on their grade point average, which is required to be a minimum of a 3.5; accomplishments, leadership and community service. Advisor Sandra Kessell works with a selection committee to review student applications and essays before selecting the students for the induction. In addition, members must pay dues, complete community service, and be academic and professional role models in their school community.


New Seniors 2018-19


Adams, Nicholas

Beckman, Scott

Brenner, Ross

Chanabel, Tristan

Cleffi, Donovan

Connuck, Shane

Danias, Lindsay

Davitt, Rachel

Doran, Jenna 

Dunne, Meghan

Ferry, Thomas

Manzi, Ryan 

Merkle, Amanda 

Michalewsky, Olivia 

Nessel, Emma

Nissel, Nicole 

Nodine, Jessica 

Nodine, Nicole 

O'Meara, Erin

Patel, Richa

Reed, Annie

Sebastian, Diana

Sundaram Saravanan, Darsh

Tiao, Christopher 

Weiss, Marly

Wu, Allie

Zelley, Jillian



Juniors 2018-19


Arcaro, Nicholas 

Bachman, Christopher

Bachrach, Jenna 

Baxter, Harry

Becker, Ashley

Borinski, Maggie

Boyer, Hannah

Brooks, Raina 

Carle, Jack

Carrella, Angelo 

Cecala, Madeline 

Chan, Leah 

Civetta, Christopher

Cohen, Joshua

Colatruglio, Gianna

Collins, Brianna 

Cuyar, Katherine 

D'Egidio, Rebecca 

Delane, Frank

DeSerio, Jillian 

DeStefanis, Matthew 

Diamint, Melissa 

DiFusco, Sophia 

Dong, Gary 

Eames, Brian

Einfeldt, Gavin 

Fleming, Ayden

Freeman, Zoe

Gangi, Cecilia

Gellert, Adam

Gonzalez, Naomi

Gu, Charlotte

Haddock, Julia

Halpern, Sarah

Houston, Amanda

Humphrey, Ethan

Iglar, Brooke

Jenkins, Cole 

Jones, Sam

Kushel, Jordyn

Landsman, Joshua

Lawlor, Caleigh 

Leinwand, Eitan 

Lin, Stephanie 

Luckett, Charles 

McConnell, Brenna

Moran, Robert

Olechowski, Victoria

Peo, Cassandra

Plaskon, Emily 

Potamianos, Alexa 

Ravin, Aliya

Reese, Connor

Rice, Nicole

Rossetti, Elena

Sciancalepore, Ellie 

Sidebotham, Katherine 

Skrapits, Alexa

Sofia, Michael 

Soni, Devika

Stepak, Hannah

Templeton, Kiara

Tully, Emily

Wanatick, Alex

Weinstock, Meredith

Zuschlag, Hannah