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Randolph Township Schools Receive Grants for STEM Program



For Immediate Release:  Randolph Township Schools are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a $34,000 grant from the Bosch Community Fund (BCF) and a $54,000 grant from the Randolph Education Foundation for development of hands-on environmental and STEM initiatives at all six district schools. Specifically, the grants will be used to develop several sustainability programs including composting, hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, all of which will complement existing science programs at all educational levels.  A greenhouse large enough to house an entire class will also be included in what the district hopes to be the first phase of this project.


“With the resources provided by these grants we hope to empower students through a wide range of authentic learning opportunities. These real-world explorations will be inclusive of life science, ecology, earth science, community impact, environmental studies, culinary arts, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, engineering, and mathematics. Our overall goal is to cultivate a comprehensive community of wellness and sustainability,” said Katherine Thorn, Elementary Supervisor.


Involvement of passionate teachers and administrators helped in shaping an overall vision for this grant, and made it possible to develop and evolve an idea that would make these opportunities accessible to students from ages 3-21. The teachers on the grant team were Leah Konikowski from Center Grove Elementary School, Jenise Janulis from Fernbrook Elementary School, Mary Anne Smallwood from Ironia Elementary School, Laura Healy from Shongum Elementary School, Robert Chernow from Randolph Middle School, Andrew Piascik from Randolph High School, Brianne McBreen from Randolph High School, and Richard Eva from Randolph High School.  The supervisors on the grant team were Katherine Thorn, Randolph Middle School STEM Supervisor Gabriel Maffei and High School STEM Supervisor Anthony Emmons.  


The district is looking forward to sharing more about the programs as they are implemented. The Randolph Education Foundation and Bosch are both excited about the grants as well.


"Opportunities like this enable the district to 'think big' and to take on high impact initiatives to benefit all the students and teachers in the district," said Margaret Clark, Randolph Education Foundation president. "The REF is very excited to partner with the district and with the Bosch Community Fund to bring the wellness and sustainability project to fruition. This is a great way to start our tenth year anniversary and we will continue to work to find ways to bring external funding to the district." 


“On behalf of the Bosch Community Fund and Skyline Automation, we are proud to provide this grant to Randolph School District for their cultivating a Community of Wellness and Sustainability program,” said Kathleen Owsley, President of the Bosch Community Fund. “This environmental education curriculum is a terrific opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and interest in science and the environment through hands-on learning in the classroom. 





About the Bosch Community Fund


The Bosch Community Fund, the U.S.-based foundation for Bosch, has awarded over 20 million in grants to various 501(c)(3) organizations and educational institutions. The BCF focuses primarily on the enrichment of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and the advancement of environmental sustainability initiatives.


About the Randolph Education Foundation


The mission of the Randolph Education Foundation is to harness the power of our community to create opportunities that inspire teachers to innovate and enable students to thrive. Randolph Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable trust that provides alternative funding to support education and innovation in Randolph Township Schools. Launched in 2009, the REF relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. These donations are directly applied to vital educational programming for Randolph children.