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Randolph District Applauds New Jersey Monthly Ranking of 32nd in the State


New Jersey Monthly’s 2018 “Top 100 Public High Schools” list recently ranked Randolph School District in the top 50 of New Jersey public high schools.  


Every two years, New Jersey Monthly ranks the more than 300 public high schools in the state. This year, Randolph High School was ranked 32. This marks the second time since 2010 that Randolph schools has been ranked in the top 50 of New Jersey public high schools, with its highest ranking in 2016 at number 16.


In the 2018 ranking published by NJ Monthly, Randolph is recognized as having:

  • A student/faculty ratio of 11
  • Over half the District’s students enrolled in an arts class (at some point in grades 9-12)
  • 28 Advanced Placement classes offered
  • A 4-year adjusted cohort graduation rate of 99.2 percent


“We are proud to be highly ranked again this year, especially since NJ Monthly changed the criteria they use to rank schools from that used in 2016,” said Randolph Superintendent Jennifer Fano. “The top 50 rank still places Randolph in the company of highly-praised and recognized schools in the state. The fact that Randolph is included with such esteemed schools, is due to the dedicated hard work of our students, our faculty and our administrators.”


Due to the change in parameters for the list, comparing results from 2016 to 2018 would not be accurate. In the current criteria, NJ Monthly only uses Advanced Placement passing scores for students in grades 11 and 12. In previous iterations of their ranking, the publication used the school’s overall AP passing rate. NJ Monthly also separated SAT results into two categories in 2018, one for math and one for reading and writing. In 2016, this was one category. This is a small change but one that can have an impact on a school’s final ranking.


“We are also proud of our students’ SAT results which make up a part of the NJ Monthly criteria and believe they compare favorably with some of the best high schools in the state as you will see on the rankings list—many with significantly smaller populations than ours,” said Fano. “The results on the NJ Monthly list are exciting, but we know it is only a small fraction of what makes this school district the special place that it is.”


As a district, Randolph continues to offer new classes for students, develop programs based on parent and student feedback, and look to provide as many opportunities for students—both academic and extracurricular—as the District can support.