• Curriculum


    - How is the curriculum kept current? How are new classes added?
    - Do students have to take NJSLA (formerly PARCC)?

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  • School Counseling

    School Counseling

    - What do school counselors do?
    - How does my child get assigned a counselor?
    - When do students go to their Counselor?
    - My child is struggling with emotional issues, can the School Counseling department help?
    - What is Naviance and when do students begin working with the program?
    - How do School Counselors prepare students for college selection and application?
    - When should students seek advice from the College and Career Specialist?
    - How do I find what scholarships my child is able to apply for?

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  • Interacting with Teachers and Administrators

    Interacting with Teachers and Administrators

    - When is it appropriate to contact the building principal?

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  • Athletics


    - How is money allocated to various athletic programs?
    - What is the role of the Athletic Director?
    - Why are athletic events/practices scheduled during school breaks?
    - What is the policy for who makes a team? Do some students not make the team, i.e., get cut?
    - Do we have organized teams at schools before High School?
    - What is the concussion protocol for the school?

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  • Visual & Performing Arts

    Visual & Performing Arts

    - What programs does Randolph offer?
    - Can students participate in more than one group?
    - How are the school plays selected? How many plays are there per year/per school?

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  • Security


    - Can security personnel carry handguns?
    - Are all personnel and volunteers background checked?
    - Does every school have video surveillance?
    - How often are drills performed for lockdown, active shooter, fire, etc.?
    - What is the reunification process in an emergency? How can parents receive information in an emergency situation?
    - Do you use breathalyzers or random drug testing?
    - Where can I find more information on school security?

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  • Elementary School Information

    Elementary School Information

    - How do I enroll my child in school?
    - Can my child attend any elementary school?
    - Do I need to be present for my child at the Bus Stop?
    - Are all schools equipped with the same technology?

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  • Middle School Information

    Middle School Information

    - How do I enroll my child in school?
    - What is the start/end times for school?
    - What clubs are offered? Are there sports teams?
    - What happens if a student cuts class?

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  • High School Information

    High School Information

    - How do I enroll my child in school?
    - What is the start/end times for school?
    - What clubs are available?
    - What happens if a student cuts class?

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  • District Scheduling & Calendar

    District Scheduling & Calendar

    - How are snow/emergency days determined?
    - How far in advance is the district calendar set for each year?

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  • Transportation


    - We are classified as walkers, but I want my child to take the bus. Can you pick them up?
    - Can high school students with licenses drive themselves to school?

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  • Board of Education

    Board of Education

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  • Personnel & Unions

    Personnel & Unions

    - Can I see a teacher's evaluation? How are teachers evaluated?
    - How do teachers get tenure? How are teachers evaluated after tenure?
    - Can I request a specific teacher for my son or daughter?
    - Who do I talk to if I have an issue with my child’s teacher?
    - Where can I read the latest contract for each union?
    - How do stipends work? How many are funded each year?

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  • Referendum & Capital Projects

    Referendum & Capital Projects

    - What is the annual budget and how is it created?
    - What is a referendum

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  • Randolph Community School

    Randolph Community School

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