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What is a Referendum?

What is a Referendum and What is its Purpose?

A referendum is a request by a school district to borrow funds by selling bonds, which are bought back over time with property taxes. When a bond referendum is approved by local voters, school districts like Randolph Township Schools qualify for a specific type of state aid which would lower the cost impact to the Randolph taxpayer, as local taxes would not cover 100% of the cost. 

Improvements to Randolph Township Schools' facilities and security infrastructure would be expedited with additional funding while minimizing costs to taxpayers long-term. Infrastructure changes reduce the likelihood of repair risks and costly maintenance which takes away from the educational opportunities needed for Randolph Township Schools to continue to provide a world class education. A referendum ensures that Randolph Township Schools can continue to operate efficiently and safely, while making improvements that will have a lasting impact on the educational excellence provided to all students.