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Bus Safety

The safety of our school community is Randolph Township School's highest priority. This includes safety on transportation provided by the district. All students who ride a school bus can help ensure the safety of other students as well as themselves by understanding some basic general safety guidelines. The guidance below will be helpful for parents or guardians to review with their child prior to taking district transportation. 

  1. Be at the bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled arrival.
  2. Never run to or from the bus.
  3. Wait on the sidewalk or shoulder, never on the roadway.
  4. Be respectful of private property at or near bus stops.
  5. Do not push or shove while in line to board the bus.
  6. Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road.
  7. Always cross at least ten feet in front of the bus.
  8. Never cross the roadway behind the bus.
  9. Never crawl under a school bus.
  10. All district school buses are equipped with seat belts. Their use is state mandated. 
  11. Stay in your seat, always facing forward.
  12. Keep head, arms and legs inside the bus at all times.
  13. Always obey the driver. 
  14. Do not yell, shout or do anything else to distract the driver. These actions could endanger lives.
  15. Do not deface the bus seats or other equipment.
  16. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  17. Avoid leaving belongings on the bus.
  18. A student may ride only the bus to which he/she has been assigned, unless prior approval has been granted by both the school and the transportation office.
  19. All students will have assigned seats on the bus to and from school. Students must remain in their assigned seat for the duration of the school year, unless change is made by the transportation department.
  20. Student items left on the bus will stay on the bus for next day pick up.


 Students who fail to comply with the above regulations may be deprived of the privilege of using the bus and will be subject to disciplinary action.




Waiting for the Bus

While waiting for the school bus, students should stay on their side of the road away from traffic.

Exiting the Bus

Students should look to the rear of the bus before stepping off the bottom step. The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute advises that motorists may try to pass stopped school buses on the right shoulder where the door is. Students should also adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Take five giant steps straight out of the bus door and out of the danger zone.
  • Make sure you make eye contact with the driver and wait for the driver to signal you before you cross in front of the bus.
  • Never go back for anything you have left on the bus.
  • Never bend down near or under the bus.

Seat Belts 

New Jersey requires school buses to have seat belts or other child restraint systems that meet federal standards and certain minimum seat back heights. The state requires students to wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt while the bus is operating, and relieves school bus owners and operators of liability for a passenger's failure to wear a seat belt if that failure directly results in an injury to the passenger (N.J. Stat. Ann. § 39:3B-10 and § 39:3B-11).

Danger Zones

Parents or guardians should educate their child about danger zones. School bus evacuations are done twice yearly which, at this time, safety exits, danger zones and other pertinent information are discussed. We encourage parents or guardians to also talk with their children at home to reinforce the education we provide for the safety of students.