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July 2023

In 1989 the federal government enacted the AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) regulation, which requires local school districts to apprise the community on the status of asbestos-containing material that may be located in their facilities. Since that time, we have complied with this mandate via annual updates. Accordingly, the following is an overview of our endeavors in addressing and mitigating facility asbestos-related concerns.  

The District is proactive in addressing asbestos concerns. Large-scale asbestos abatement projects were completed in the 1980’s and early 1990’s on material that was deemed potentially hazardous. Since that time, limited abatement activities have been occasionally necessitated by construction or maintenance activities that may require removal of materials such as floor tiles or asbestos-containing insulation. Bi-yearly inspections of asbestos-containing material are conducted in order to ensure material integrity and cleanliness.  

Detailed reports on asbestos-related issues are available by reviewing the “Inspection and Management Plan,” which is located in the main office at each school. Inquiries about asbestos environmental issues may be made by contacting Matthew Geary, Director of Facilities, at 973- 361-0808, extension 8218.

By being diligent and responsive to environmental issues, I am confident that we will continue to sustain a healthy teaching environment for our students and staff. 


Matthew Geary, Director of Facilities