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The members of the Randolph Township Board of Education are proud to serve the community of Randolph, representing the needs of our students to the utmost of our ability. We believe that effective education for students can only be accomplished through a beneficial partnership between the schools and the community. Understanding, involvement and communication are crucial to maintaining the positive educational environment in our schools.

As Board members, we work with the administration, meet with community groups, and receive input from parents, students, and community members. We know the support and concern of the Randolph community is vital to the educational process and welcome the public to take the time to interact with the Board of Education by attending public meetings, expressing opinions, asking questions and communicating their needs as constituents.

We are all passionate about our work as members of the Board, and we look forward to supporting and applauding the achievements of our students, faculty, staff and administration.

The school district is governed by Title 18A, Education, of the New Jersey Statutes. There are nine members of the Board of Education who are elected in accordance with the provisions of the statute governing Type II school districts. Three of these nine members are elected each year for a three-year term. 

The Board of Education appoints a Superintendent of Schools who is responsible for overseeing and administering the school district, planning and other operational functions of the school district. The superintendent serves under contract.