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Dining Services

For the 2021 - 2022 school year, all students will remain eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch. Meals will be served in cafeterias across all buildings during scheduled lunch periods. Previously, the district has been able to provide meals for weekends, holidays, and on other school closure days. These days will no longer be eligible for meal distribution.

Modifications have been made to the meal program to ensure student safety. At elementary schools, all options (hot or cold) will be pre-packaged. Breakfast will be available during designated times and in designated locations specific to each building. At RMS and RHS, all items will not be pre-packaged but rather will include a mix of pre-packaged and other options. No meals will be self-serve, nor will open food containers be available.

The free breakfast and lunch option includes only the base meal. Below in the navigation is a document explaining the components of the free meals. Lunch menus can also be accessed below.

Additional items, snacks, and a la carte beverages and other items will be available for purchase. At present, the district is transitioning to using School Cash Online for online payments for the meal program. Parents are able to pre-load student accounts with funds to be utilized to purchase additional food items and a la carte beverages and snacks that will not be provided at no cost. While the online system is not yet operational, parents can still pre-load student accounts via cash or check. Balances from our former system, My Payments Plus, have already been loaded to student accounts.

If you have any questions about the meal program, please reach out to our Food Service Director Jaimie Ramos at If you have questions specific to your building, please reach out to your child's building principal.