"We commit to inspiring and empowering all students in Randolph Schools to reach their full potential as unique, responsible and educated members of a global society."

  • Our new Blackboard Mass Communication system (also known as Parentlink or Connect 5I) is in place. You may now login using your computer/email login and password by visiting https://rtnj.parentlink.net/main/login/ . Please note that one of the main differences between Honeywell and Parentlink is that with Parentlink, administrators decide how to send out messages. Staff and parents can no longer choose that they only want to receive phone alerts or emails etc. We are asking each staff member to update their contact information in the Blackboard system. If you have a cell phone number listed in the system, then it will be used for text messages and phone calls but you will have the option to opt out when you receive messages.


    Ms. Fano asks that we send out the majority of alerts as emails and only use text messages and phone calls for emergencies, very important alerts or weather-related school closings etc.


    Please note the following:

    1. You must login at rtnj.parentlink.net
    2. Your login is your email address and your password is the password that you use to login to your district computer.

     If you have any questions, please contact Allison Freeman at afreeman@rtnj.org.