• Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

    Thank you for visiting the district's homepage for the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) program.

    The Board of Education reviews the HIB policy 5512 and regulation 5512 annually. To read the policy, please open this link.

    Dr. Maryalice Thomas oversees the district's Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying policy and program. She can be reached at mathomas@rtnj.org or via phone at (973) 361-0808 ext. 6236.

    For New Jersey Department of Education anti-bullying resources, please click this link.



    Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Dr. Maryalice Thomas

    (973) 361-0808 ext. 6236



    The Anti-Bullying Specialists chair the School Safety Teams at each school.   These teams consists of key school personnel as well as parent and community representatives.

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    RHS Anti-Bullying Specialist: Dr. Christine Fugger    cfugger@rtnj.org  (973) 361-0808 ext. 6240



    Dr. Christine Fugger is the Anti Bullying Specialist (ABS) for the High School. She chairs our School Safety Team and participated in the High School Week of Respect Activities.

     This past September during the Week of Respect, the high school highlighted Bullying Prevention through our school motto:  Respect  + Attitude + Maturity = Success.   As a district and a high school we began our fifth school year under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. Our school takes great pride in creating a climate that fosters a caring and inclusive community for all of our students. In 2011, Randolph High School and Randolph Township Schools set the goal to become a New Jersey school of excellence in the area of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) prevention.  At RHS we have incorporated the theme of R+A+M = S, Respect plus Attitude plus Maturity equals Success into many activities as well as personal conduct in the building.   The bulletin board outside of the main office displays a sample of the many wonderful statements put forth by our students.  During this Week of Respect, students are encouraged to demonstrate respect, a positive attitude and maturity.