• School Improvement Panel

    The state has mandated that all districts must form a School Improvement Panel consisting of a principal, vice principal and a teacher/REA representative to oversee evaluation activities. 

    Per the state, the team’s mission is to ensure the effectiveness of the school’s teachers and to oversee the mentoring and fostering of a culture of continuous improvement. They should also identify opportunities for professional development.

    During this school year, districts are expected to maintain the previous local and school professional development committees and establish a School Improvement Panel as explained above. New regulations governing professional development planning and the role of the School Improvement Panel have been proposed and are currently in discussion before the New Jersey State Board of Education. 

    For a list of Center Grove members, please see below. 



    Principal: Mr. Mario Rodas

    Vice Principal: Mr. TR Rathjen

    Teacher: Mrs. Lori Fontana

    Teacher:  Mrs. Dana Dawson

    Teacher:  Mrs. Jami McClellan