Family & Consumer Science


    Randolph High School 6-12

    Family and Consumer Science Department


    Mr. Frank Perrone
    District Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts
    973.361.2400 ext. 6515


    The mission of the Family and Consumer Science department is to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in family and consumer sciences. It empowers individuals and families to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. The unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships. Our approach to curriculum is process-oriented, which means that for students, the process of studying questions and finding the answers is as important as the answers themselves. Using a critical science approach aligns family and consumer sciences with other subject matter areas such as integrated language arts and social studies.


    Family and Consumer Science is ...

    ...Mathematical: Working with measuring utensils, students apply knowledge of fractions, volume and equivalents as they prepare food products and construct garments and accessories.

    ...Science: Sewing and food preparation require problem solving, decision making, and inquiry skills.

    ...Language Arts: Students demonstrate reading comprehension by following sequential directions to construct sewing projects or in successful food preparation.

    ...Social Studies: Students explore ways in which our past and culture influence family life, meal patterns, child rearing, and fashion.

    ...Foreign language: Family life itself is a study of culture. In addition, many content-related terms are in French, Spanish, Italian, and other foreign languages.

    ...Health and Physical Education: Through a study of the Food Guide Pyramid and nutrition, students explore the relationship between good and nutrition, a healthy body, and proper growth and development throughout life.

    ...Art: Students create aesthetically pleasing food presentations and apply the principles of design to clothing and advertising presentations.

    ...Workplace Readiness Preparation: There is an obvious link between school and daily living skills in both the home and the workplace.

    ...Teamwork: It demands discipline, focus, responsibility and accountability.