• Welcome to the Purchasing Department in the Business Office


    Beth Martello x 8219

    Purchasing Supervisor - lmartello@rtnj.org

    Bonny Lee Ames x 8216

    Bookkeeper ( Vendors M - Z)  bames@rtnj.org

    Michelle Roper x 8220

    Bookkeeper (Vendors A-L)  mroper@rtnj.org

    Aggie Breda x 8210

    Managerial Secretary, Business Office - abreda@rtnj.org




    The Randolph Township Board of Education Purchasing Department follows purchasing practices to be in full compliance with:

    • NJ Public School Contract Law Title 18A;18A, et. seq.;
    • Nj Administrative Code N.J,.A.C. 5:34 et. seq,;
    • Board of Education Policy
    • Other federal, state law and code;
    • NJ QSAQ;
    • Local Finance Notices - Division  of Local Government Services

    The Board will encourage minority businesses, women's business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms to submit bids to be considered for the awarding of contracts.



    • Follow the law and Board Policies regarding purchasing
    • Promote efficiency through purchasing practices
    • Achieve monetary savings through proper purchasing practices