13th Annual RHS Dance Showcase

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    Tonight, 6/9 @ 7pm

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    Randolph High School

    Dance Department


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    The Dance Department at Randolph High School is offered to students in grades nine through twelve and is a full year, five credit, elective course. Randolph Dance Education is designed to introduce students to various genres of dance technique. They will be exposed to styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Improvisation, and Multi-Cultural dance forms throughout the year. In addition to physically taking class on a daily basis, students will also gain knowledge and aesthetic awareness of dance in its historical, cultural, and social contexts. They will develop a strong understanding of the choreographic process by continuously crafting their own work through improvisation and in-class movement assignments. The RHS Dance elective allows students to form a valid framework for observing and analyzing though media and live performance. Dancers will have the opportunity to perform their own work as well as the choreography of their instructor (s) and guest artists in the annual dance showcase. Infused within these various units is the realization and recognition that dance education contributes to a healthy lifestyle as well as fostering self-confidence and developing strong social skills. Dance enables students to become creative thinkers, leaving these artists to discover new ways to approach problem solving in other areas of academic study. Students will leave open minded, self-assured, and confident to fully engage themselves in the art of dance as well as in everyday life.

    Prerequisites: Students will be placed into proper levels (Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced) based on the following components: teacher recommendation at the conclusion of each school year, previous dance experience and/or approval of instructor through placement auditions that occur each spring. Placement auditions are based on the following categories: temporal awareness (understanding and demonstration of musicality, timing, and counts), memorization, cleanliness and clarity of movement, technique, proper execution of movement phrases, coordination, awareness of personal space and space of those around them, overall energy/performance quality, classroom contribution and studio etiquette.

     Director of Dance

     Michele Adriano de Oliveira

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    Mrs. Michele Adriano is a graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Education from Mason Gross School of the Arts. In addition she holds a standard New Jersey teaching certificate, an MA in School Counseling and a K-12 Supervisors Certificate from Montclair State University. Mrs. Adriano is the creator and director of the Randolph High School Dance Department where she has written the dance arts curriculum for the district. She is also the advisor of “Dance Outreach”, a community based program designed to offer dance to children in and out of the district who have limited access to the artform. Along with Mr. Plucinsky, Mrs. Adriano is also the student council advisor for the class of 2022.


    Contact Information:

     Michele Adriano

    (973) 361-2400 x: 6543

     Mr. Frank Perrone

    District Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts

    (973) 361-2400 x:6515

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     13th Annual Dance Showcase

    Date TBD

    Randolph High School




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     Program Highlights:

    (mute sound in slideshow at bottom of page)

     - Mrs. Adriano selected 2020-2021 "Teacher of the Year"

    Teacher of the Year Article


    - Watch the award winning RHS Dance Documentary  

    by RHS alumni Mark Lucivero: video link here


    - RHS Dance Article published in NJEA Review magazine!

    njea review article link PENCIL


    - RHS Dance takes Manhattan!

    article link here

    NYC video link here

    nyc   wicked

    - Annual RHS Dance Showcase/Department Reviews:

    article link 1

    article link 2

    article link 3

    article link 4

    article link 5

     Annual Spirit Week "Pep Rally Videos"

    - 2018-2019 performance link here

    - 2016-2017 performance link here

    - 2014-2015 performance link here


    - Some Showcase Choreo!

    "Wicked" (2017) video file


    - RHS Dance Outreach Club

    dancers collaborate with Mr. Coleman's National Art Honor Society students to visit with special needs students on Halloween at The Allegro School in Cedar Knolls, NJ.


    dancers perform at the Annual Rotary Club Fair

    rotary club fair

    dancers honor long time RHS custodian, Jairo Medina, on his last day before retirement.


    dancers participate in ADOORable Doors event at RHS, where they decorate classroom doors and create trick-or-treating stops for special needs students.

    adoorable doors

    RHS Outreach students bring dance to Center Grove Elementary School as part of their Eagle Enrichment after school program. 

    eagle enrichment   eagle enrichment 2


    dancers perform for Senior Citizens at the Randolph Community Center.

    senior center



    2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR


    (Introduction to Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance)


    If you have trouble viewing the information below, please locate the 2021-2022

    Dance Placement Audition Memo attached to this webpage!




    2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR


    Thank you for choosing DANCE as one of your electives for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to the current pandemic, the process for placement auditions will be a bit different this year. Any student interested in taking the Intermediate or Advanced Dance elective next year, must complete a VIRTUAL PLACEMENT AUDITION. If you are signed up for Introduction to Dance, you do not need to audition.


    Audition Videos are due by Friday, March 12th


    Students auditioning must complete a placement audition video that includes the following components:


    • 1 minute solo in the dance style of contemporary, ballet, lyrical, or jazz


    • Solo should demonstrate a clear understanding of coordination, tempo and musicality


    • Solo should demonstrate clear technical skills such as: LINES (e.g., arabesque, develope', passe', battements, etc;), TURNS (e.g., pirouettes, fouettes, chaines, etc;), STRENGTH


    • Solo should demonstrate your strength and flexibility (e.g., turn-out, releve', core strength, floor work, etc;)


    • Solo should showcase any “tricks” you can execute (e.g., gymnastics)


    • Solo should demonstrate strong performance quality skills (e.g., facial expressions, storytelling, emotion, eye contact, confidence)


    You will be placed into the class that best suits you. It is extremely important for students to be in a level of dance that is appropriate to their experience and ability. Because most current high school dance students return each year, there is limited amount of space available in the Intermediate and Advanced dance classes, therefore you may or may not be scheduled for the dance class you signed up for. I can assure you that each level of dance offered at RHS will be a challenging and exciting experience!


    I have added 4 video examples to the Flipgrid topic created by current seniors in the Advanced Dance level. This will give you an idea of what I am looking for in terms of ability.




    **All Video Uploads will be Private (only I can view them)**








    RHS Placement Audition Join Code Link here



    or you can use the QR Code below

    Dance Placement Audition Flipgrid QR Code  

    *Please contact Mrs. Adriano ( or via Microsoft Teams (Michele Adriano de Oliveira) if you will be auditioning for the RHS dance elective. I will need your full name, current grade level, email address, and phone number.



                                                                                                    Michele Adriano

                                                                                                    RHS Dance


                                                                                                    973-361-2400 X:6543







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