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  • Welcome!

    I am Miss Megan Ingman, the School Counselor at Center Grove and Ironia Elementary Schools.

    I work closely with students, staff members and families.

    I have a rotating schedule where I counsel in each building on alternating days.

  • Contact Information

    Staff Member/School

    Phone Extension

    Email Address

    Miss Megan Ingman, School Counselor

    Center Grove/Ironia

    CG: 973-361-7835 (X 1211)

    IR: 973-584-8588 (X 3211)


  • Mission

    My mission as a School Counselor is to...

    • get to know each & every student by becoming a familiar face;
    • help students understand who I am, what I do, where my office is and when they can/should visit me;
    • show students how I can help them;
    • create a counseling space where students feel welcome;
    • and assist students in learning and practicing the lifelong skills to overcome challenges and/or barriers in their academic, social, emotional and career development.

    My mission will be accomplished through...

    • becoming a presence within the school;
    • creating a comfortable and safe environment within my office;
    • participating actively in all school events;
    • establishing rapport with students & staff;
    • providing appropriate school counseling services;
    • collaborating with students, staff members, families and the community.

  • Services

    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling sessions focus on problem solving, using a solution-focused method. Students may stop in my counseling office at any time. If I am unavailable, students can leave me a note in my mailbox located on the outside of my office door.

    Lunch Bunch

    During a Lunch Bunch, 5-6 students join me for lunch. Students are able to lead the discussion or, at times, there is a specific topic chosen prior. Counselor led activities promote conversation. Lunch Bunches are a great way for me to meet students and for students to get to know one another.

    Classroom Lessons

    I visit classrooms on a scheduled date and time to present relevant topics. Lessons allow me to collaborate with teachers, while promoting and teaching lifelong skills to a large group of students. 

    Character Club

    A group of students that work together in promoting a positive school climate through developing and facilitating school-wide activities and events.