Cheryl Pedrick



         Welcome to Pre-School!   

    Mrs Cheryl Pedrick





    instructional assistants:


     Mrs Patty Louca

    Mrs Pam Leneghan








    Thank you parents for all you do to help with

    classroom events and supplies!


    Therapist contact info:

    Speech Therapist Hayley DiPillo...

    Speech Therapist Kelly Mattsson...

    Occupational Therapist Helen Ogoff...

    Physical Therapist Mrs Carina Torres...














    Educational websites:   pre-reading activities   educational games with PBS TV characters     kindergarten alphabet, number and holiday games  books online


    Free iPad Apps:


    Math is Fun 3-4 - Bacarox Kids (various math games/activities)

    Math is Fun4-5  - Bacarox Kids (various math games/activities)

    Balloons: Tap and Learn-  Zippz Software (colors and numeral ID)

    Color Slapps- Zorten Software (color ID)

    Sort It Out 1-  My First Apps (sorting)

    What’s Different- My First Apps (finding what’s different in a group)

     Language Concepts

    Photo Touch Concepts –   Kids Learning

    “I Like________” books-  Grasshopper Apps (books to read)

    Photo Touch Comparative Adjectives – Grasshopper Apps (big/small, behind/in front etc)


    Little Puzzles –ABC Alphabet–    Grasshopper Apps

    Elmo Loves ABCs- Marino Kavaleer

     Fine Motor

    Little Writer-   Alligator Apps (fine motor-trace letters, numbers, shapes, words)

     Readiness Skills

    Memory Match-Alligator Apps (concentration-memory skills)

    Preschool Edition-Matching-   Kidspring

    Things That Go Together-   Grasshopper Apps

    Little Puzzles Preschool Games-   Grasshopper Apps


    Model Me Going Places- social stories to help children go for a haircut, doctor visit or other stressful places





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