Mrs. Dana Dawson




    Mrs. Dawson's 

    Third Grade All-Stars



    Please use e-mail as a primary form of communication.

    I check my e-mail several times a day.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your questions and/or concerns at any time. 


    I respond to all e-mails between the hours of 8AM and 5PM.




    In order to help develop good organizational skills, please check  your child's homework folder and agenda nightly.  In addition, I will be communicating important information using ClassTag, an online program to keep parents involved.   This app is also used keep you informed about upcoming events and as well as to schedule parent-teaccher conferences.  We keep very busy!


    Scholastic Book Orders 


    Each month you will receive an order form for Scholastic Books.  Please note that you can now do all of your ordering online!  Our class access code, required for placing orders, is JVM8D.   Please take advantage of this opportunity to expand your home libraries!







    Class Mission Statement

    In our class we believe in ourselves!

    Be responsible!

    Be leaders!

    Be proactive!

    Be kind!

    Be organized!

    Be good listeners!

    Be respectful!

    Be STARS!


    3rd Grade School Supplies List

    •       1 supply bag – no boxes please
    •       #2 pencils – 12ct – sharpened
    •       crayons – 24ct
    •       markers – 12ct
    •       pen for editing (any color)
    •       3 highlighters (any color)
    •       scissors – blunt tip
    •       package of erasers (pencil top or chunky)
    •       2 glue sticks
    •       6 – 2 pocket folders, solid colors: red, orange,   
    •               yellow, green, blue and purple
    •       3 marble notebooks – no spirals please
    •       One 2” inch binder with a 3-hole punched folder for 
    •              homework
    •       Comfortable headphones; for Spanish, 
    •              Genius Hour, and activities to be used with mini 
    •              iPads.  A straight tip receptor works best with  these devices and the cases at CG.